The sewer line into your home is one of the most important part of your home's plumbing. The sewer mainline carries away dirty wastewater to the city sewer system, so its best your sewer line is well-maintained. However, problems can arise at any time which may require full or partial sewer line replacement or installation. Replacing or installing a new sewer line can be a costly job some factors that increase or decrease the cost of the project.

Accessibility of Your Sewer Line

If the serwer mainline is difficult to access, underneath a tree or cement sidewalk, excavation can be costly, as it will require Heavy Equipment. A standard sewer line installation should only require minimal excavation, Which runs considerably cheaper.

Lenght of Sewer Line Replacement

The further your home is from the city sewer system, the overall installation will become more expensive for the additional materials & Labor needed to extend it further.