Water Heater Trouble ??

-Smell of Sulfur? (Rotten egg smell)

-Corrison Build up or Limescale

-Water Heater making noise

-Not making enough hot water

Replacing the anode rode on a water heater can prevent these problems, Preventative maintenance is key. Its recommended to replace an anode rod every 3-5 years depending on the water quality of your home or water source. This replacement can slow down corrosion inside the tank & significantly extend the life of the water heater.

What's those the Anode Rod D0?

The anode rod attracts & absorbs harmful particles such as sediment build-up. Without an anode rod corrosion, rust, hard water sediments and heat adhere to the rod rather than the tank lining that can cause severe damage. Also makes the water heater vulnerable to leakage & effects the longevity and proformance of the componets.

Water Heater Flush & Anode Rod Replacement